Monday, November 15, 2010

Nolan lives

Im sorry for not posting more films from the awesome camera you guys gave me. however I dont regret bringing it underway with me. Sublife is extremely stressful, the rules are really strict. and there are many a theif aboard my sub. So far I have been relieved of an overseas phone, a yellow t-shirt, and some of my blue t-shirts. Things I thought would be worthless to another person are now gone... imgine what would he happened if i brought the camera with me... yeah... suckass stupendous. I'm still gonna try to find a way to contct you guys in norway but if I can't I'll see you in a month anyway.

I have some crazy stories to share too. but at the moment my mind draws a blank on any of those stories. being cramped in a sub has a way of making one stupider. and tired and sleepy and grouchy and lippy and gay (cept for me)