Thursday, February 26, 2009

No love

So now that I Devin am in Texas, Kimber has revealed to me the knowledge that I am dead to everyone who lives in Utah.

So I would like to tell all you Kimber followers to suck on this bitches. Thank you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A hairy trucker saw my ass

This is Devin. I am now in Texas. We made it safely despite our best attempts to commit suicide via teasing Nolan while he was driving. The roadtrip took three days since we took one day off driving to rest in Mesa with our cousin Alice, Cody(her husband, Wesley and her wonderful little daughter Eva that loves to scream and cry at 12:00 at night.
At one point on the road some lucky trucker souls saw mine and Lincolns naked butts when we decided to have some fun. But other than that the trip was mostly unexciting.
I know that Kimber has something awesome that she needs to post about but I won't say anything until she puts it up here.
Also my uncle has the most ultimate collection of horror movies that I have ever seen. And the weather is like 70 degrees. nice.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting Started in Life, Or Not

Kimber apologizes.

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a while. You see, I usually write for the blog during one of the many classes I am disinclined to pay attention in. However, I have started to solve the problem of disinterest by not going to class at all. This has been detrimental to my grades though, so I’ll probably be writing again more as I go to class more. Onward.

Devin is another in a long series of my friends who are abandoning me to live their lives. This is overdramatic and untrue; I haven’t really been abandoned, but a lot of my friends are moving on to other things. I have no girl friends left, as they’ve all gotten married and are now busy enjoying marital bliss (they say they want to stay friends, but they’re never around to do anything, rarely return calls, and generally can’t be depended on because no matter how far in advance you make plans with them, if their husbands feel uncomfortable, or if their other married friends call them up to go Tupperware shopping, they ditch you in a snap). All my guy friends are quickly being sucked away by the navy, marriage (the same complaints apply to married guys, except you can’t talk to them at all because their wives get jealous), and an aimless desire to move. Devin, that last one is you.

I actually sympathize with most of these people, as we’re all at the age where people expect our lives to be starting. Most of the people I know are actually successful at this, but the few of us that have no specific ambition in life, or no clear way to get there, are in a terrible bind. Especially since we live in Utah. Really, Utah is not the place to aimlessly ramble through life. So I guess I understand why Devin is moving away, and I support his desire to find someplace better to while away his time, but I’m still just a teensy resentful, because his leaving means one less friend that I get along with.

On a different, but related tangent, my mom is trying really hard to get me married. She’s constantly trolling around for boys to set me up with, and keeps asking me when I’m going to start dating in earnest. I thought my mom was cool with me taking my time and making my own decisions, but ever since high school graduation I’ve learned over and over again that that’s not the case. This is another symptom of adults expecting people my age to get their lives started. Too bad there’s no graceful way to say that my life probably won’t be fully started until I’m thirty-five.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Important announcement

This is Devin. I have something to tell you people that I may have a problem saying vocally or in person. I usually have problems with just coming out and saying things so here I go.

I'm moving to Texas.

And I'm moving road trip style this Sunday. Don't ask me why I'm doing it since I'm not exactly sure if I have a reason. Don't try to convince me to stay since i've made up my mind. Don't try to cry since i'm not worth it. Although expensive parting gifts are welcome.

Nolan is helping me get there but not ultimately staying in Utah for the time being.

I got two things left to say. Firstly, Grant here I come prepare thineself. Second typing on iPod touch is a slow and arduos process.
I will still post stuff on this blog from Texas. Bye