Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Needed AND Loved

Recently I've been working a lot on decluttering and downsizing my possessions. If you need information on how to do this, I would recommend going to unclutterer.com. Anywho, long story short, I got rid of an orange coat that I didn't really need, but that I did love. When I wore it in tandem with a green sweatshirt I had it made me look like a pumpkin, which may sound unflattering, but which I actually had fun with.

Since I loved it, but didn't need it, I decided to get rid of it. Bad decision. It turns out that things that you love can bother you when you get rid of them just as much as things that you need can bother you when you get rid of them. I liked looking like a pumpkin. I liked having the option of wearing a bright orange coat, even though I had the much more conservative option of wearing a black pea coat or khaki trench coat. I didn't need it, but I loved that orange coat.

This may be bad for other people who are trying to downsize their possessions, but giving a second (or third) thought about things you love might be worth it later on, but only if it's something you love. I'm actually kind of glad I got rid of that fish model I made in second grade. At least I have pictures of both things, so I know what wasted resources look like, but also what regret looks like; because that's something that stays with you.

Okay, apparently I don't have pictures of both things, I only have pictures of the fish, the best picture of the coat I have looks like this:

So really, I don't have a picture of the things I love, but I have memories, and a winning e-bay bid to replace it, and aren't those worth a thousand pictures?