Friday, August 29, 2008

Schools a raunchy bitch

So this is your favorite writer once again. Recently school started for Nolan, Kimber, and I. We're all going to this butt school called UVU. Kimber is also going to another butt school called BYU butt that's another story that she can tell.
Anyways, I think the only program this butt school is good for is their nursing program. Butt none of us are doing nursing. We're too ambitious and lazy for that. From what I know Kimber is becoming an english major, Nolan is doing theatre and I am doing art and visual communications. UVU is full of retards, butt the real problem is that Kimber and I signed up for this Graphic Novel class that we thought would be fun. We went to class and the professor showed us all what a rust stained asshole he was by treating us like we were still in middle school.
The other good thing about UVU is the cheap tuition.
I'm done writing.

1 comment:

  1. I like how you spelled it "butt" all the way through the article, regardless of the usage. Maybe you learned that at your butt school.