Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Year Does Not a Tradition Make

Kimber rants.

This year, due to a messy divorce, will be the first year I spend at home. Usually my family goes out of state during Christmas in order to visit grandparents, but since grandparents and parents are now biased against one another, I decided to just stay home. Though the divorce is sad, staying home for Christmas is making me very happy.

As part of my first Christmas at home, I've decided to make a feast, which will include roast duck, ratatouille, vegetable strudel, and orange custard cake, among other things. I invited my extended family in Utah to come, and they accepted, which also made me happy. However, my extended family (read: grandmother, aunt, and aunt's husband and children) later decided they weren't coming after all, as last year they had Christmas dinner at my aunts house. Last year was the only year they've done this, but they decided it's a tradition now, so none of them will be coming to my meal.

There are several problems with their decision. One: my aunt is a crappy cook. My food will be lightyears better. Two: one year does not a tradition make. Three: they should have declined the invitation in the first place, instead of causing me the trouble of having to revamp an entire dinner to fit the new, reduced guest list. Four: this aunt is always bitching about how we should support each other and spend more time together, yet she has rejected every single one of our invitations to do so. Five: KIMBER ANGRY.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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