Friday, March 19, 2010

For Your Entertainment

Kimber shows you stuff.

What is going on with triangle? Really, what is it's problem?

Okay, now concentrate on this dot, the haze around it will disappear.

Are these circles or spirals?

Are these lines parallel?

Now, concentrate on the dot in the center, and these arrows will start to move.

Finally, look at this image for about twenty seconds, then look at a white piece of paper. You should see the American flag with the right colors.


  1. Both "triangles" seem to have 32 total squares. However, if you multiply the base of 13 by the height of 5 you get 65, which is divided by 2 to get 32.5. And 32.5 is not the same as 32. Therefore the triangles are not triangles, though they are polygons. The reason for the discrepancy is that the small and large triangles are different shapes, though I'm unable to describe how their positions in each triangle makes space for a missing square in the second image.

  2. holy crappin smart, Grant!