Monday, May 10, 2010

wondering about shit and stuff

This is Nolan here

This question is for Devin and Kimber; how come when I'm signed out I can only see the nerd night announment post in "Nerd Night Posts," But when I sign in I can see the full glory of this blog spot with unicorn meat and the bravest warriors and awesome stuff like that? It's a mystery to the Nolan, and the Nolan doesn't like mysteries. One time there was a mystery of Nolans missing 700 dollars, and it was another mystery of how Nolans broke room mate was able to afford a new Playstation3.

In other news I'm going to Norfolk Virginia on may 21st. I'll be on a sub for a few months and it might be a miserable stressful experience. Getting qualified really sucks from what I hear.

As a last note I think the navy has made me dumber

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  1. Since Kimber appears to be missing I'll answer your mystery question. I think you're looking at two different blogs. Probably the one you see with you not logged in is this one

    and the other glorious one you see(that I update regularly thank you)
    is this one
    (the difference being the all important word "the")
    Kimber had to get a new address and put another blog on our joint account since she forgot the password and didn't tell anyone else about it. Hence locking us out of the original nerd night blog. Go Kimber