Friday, July 30, 2010

The Bee Whisperer

Kimber shares some information about some of her favorite insects.

Bees, though scary to many people, are actually quite easy-going as long as their space is not violated. I walk within three feet of a beehive on a regular basis, and have yet to get stung. The trick is to walk slowly, as bees have trouble changing their flight pattern quickly, and if something gets in their way they're likely to sting. Bees can also smell fear, so act confidently when around them. For the people who hate having bees buzzing around them outside, remember that if you're wearing bright colors, they might just be exploring to see if you're a good source of nectar. Let them do their thing, and they'll leave you alone.

This may be obvious, but bees are not wasps, so the same rules won't apply if you're being bothered by a wasp. Honey bees are fuzzy, golden in color, and have a fairly compact body. Wasps are bright yellow, devoid of fuzz, and have long legs and a separated body. Wasps can be helpful when eating garden pests, but I smash them anyway as they're quite mean. If you are planning on killing a wasp, remember that while bees can only sting you once before they die, wasps can sting as many times as they please, so make sure you do the job right the first time.

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