Monday, February 2, 2009

Important announcement

This is Devin. I have something to tell you people that I may have a problem saying vocally or in person. I usually have problems with just coming out and saying things so here I go.

I'm moving to Texas.

And I'm moving road trip style this Sunday. Don't ask me why I'm doing it since I'm not exactly sure if I have a reason. Don't try to convince me to stay since i've made up my mind. Don't try to cry since i'm not worth it. Although expensive parting gifts are welcome.

Nolan is helping me get there but not ultimately staying in Utah for the time being.

I got two things left to say. Firstly, Grant here I come prepare thineself. Second typing on iPod touch is a slow and arduos process.
I will still post stuff on this blog from Texas. Bye


  1. Devin, my heart is broken. Why would you leave us for Texas?


  2. Texas is gay. There, I said it.

  3. Just kidding. Although you'll be missed, Texas will be awesome.

    Please, if you run into W., throw a shoe for me.

  4. You might get a monument erected in your honor if you throw a clothing item at our past president.


  5. I'll certainly try. But I can't promise anything. Oh and Texas really isn't that different from any other state. So gay or not I don't care what people think(although I'm kindof secretly pleased that so many Utahns think Texas is gay, I don't know why though).

  6. I assume any state overcompensating that much must be gay.

    This seems very abrupt. Have you been considering this for a while?

  7. I've been considering it ever since my cousin got here which was about two weeks ago. And I kinda agree that Texas overcompensates a lot.