Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Daywalkers Return

Kimber reports.

Nolan and Devin are back from Texas, and we are all very glad. However, Nolan did not write the next blog post as everyone voted he should, so I thought I'd pick up some slack. I don't really have anything to say, but I need to look like I'm typing because if I don't it's very obvious I'm just surfing the web.

On that note, I hate this professor. I'm sure everyone has had the unenviable experience of taking a class from a joysucker. Joysuckers take a fun, interesting subject, and suck all the joy out of it. They bog you down with MLA format, and formulaic, uninsightful discussion. They make mundane observations, but expect everyone to treat them as though they are incredibly insightful. If a joysucker is leading a class, there will always be a yes-man idiot who agrees that how you reference the quote is more important than what you say about the quote, and that noticing the obvious Christian symbolism in a work is the most brilliant thing one could have done, despite the fact that it's a religious text.

I filled out a university survey in class today, and I'm afraid I let the bulk of my rage out on them. Count yourself lucky, there were a lot of angry words. Perhaps the university will publish it as the prime indication that they should no longer hire joysuckers en masse. Or perhaps the university will write me off as an angry young woman who just hasn't yet fulfilled the goal of her undergraduate education, which is to get married. Apparently that's very important here, because it was referenced several times on said survey.

I hate it here.


  1. I'm sorry that you picked a gay university, but shouldn't that give you more initiative to pass your classes so you don't have to go anymore?

  2. Devin, BYU isn't gay. It's just confused.

    Kimber, there is a place for frustrated, unmarried LDS women in their early 20s. It's called 'the mission field'. It has many of the perks your looking for: change in location, being not-in-school, and shelter from some attentions. It would probably be a less hectic and more restful life than the one you now have. And, of course, the idea's sheer hilarit--I mean, the bringing of joy to those around you.