Monday, March 2, 2009

Pool-Time Fun

Kimber reports an awesome occurrence.

Since I am an unabashed mooch, I always travel with my sister when she goes to her gym meets. This last weekend she went to Phoenix, Arizona, where her team took first place at the Hard Rock Meet. That means they won a Fender electric guitar, which was really cool until I found out that I was the one who had to carry it around for the rest of the weekend. It made me look like a rock star, until I dropped it on my foot and cried like a baby.

The main point of this post though, is to write about the amazing thing I saw which Devin hinted about. Since we had four other relatives coming to see Karina compete we got a really big hotel suite in a really nice resort. My grandpa had to sit through three hours of some horrible lady trying to sell him a time share in order for us to get the major discount which allowed us to book the place, but he slept through most of it anyway, so it was okay. As my mom was showing us all the nice features of our suite (mega-huge bathtub, full range of cable, sweet gift basket, etc.), she pointed out that there were two separate pools; a family pool which had water-slides but was only open during the day, and an adult pool which was smaller, but stayed open all night.

When I looked out the window I found that there were people using the adult pool. For sex. I wasn’t sure initially if they were really doing it, or just humping each other, but a second look confirmed that they were naked and connected in an intimate manner. I was shocked enough that I forgot/didn’t care that my mom, my little sister, and my grandparents were in the room. I pointed and yelled “Are they? They are!”, thus properly drawing attention to the situation, then threw open the window and hollered “Oh, baby! Get it on!” The couple pulled apart immediately, but didn’t leave the pool. They just stared up at us like I was the weird one.

My mother was scandalized by this whole event. She yelled at me every time I burst out laughing for no reason for the rest of the weekend, because I was usually laughing at what she thought I was laughing at. My grandparents thought the incident was funny, but wouldn’t let on because they didn’t want to be a bad example for their grandchildren. I later caught my Nana giggling over it with my Great Aunt Peggy though, so I know I’m not the only one who thought it was funny.

P.S. Yes, I did almost immediately text everyone I knew to tell them that I saw people having sex in a pool.

P.P.S. Devin, you’re the one who left us, and you’re the one who wanted this blog to stay fairly clean. You’re the poo-bah in this situation.


  1. Yes I am the one who left and moved suddenly. But I don't remember saying I wanted this blog to remain fairly clean. I gave up on that long ago when Nolan started posting.
    Anyways, it's not like I'm going to be in Texas forever. In fact I'm coming back up next week with Nolan so that he doesn't die by himself somewhere on an obscure highway.

  2. You should post pictures of yourself with the guitar.
    And why can't you grant people who do-the-deed in an open, public area some privacy? Manners, Kimber.