Monday, July 13, 2009

show and tell back by popular demand

Its been a good long time since I, Devin have done a show and tell. But today I present to you, two videos that will screw with your perception of normalcy. The first is a trailer for an actual, full length movie that's coming out in the nutty land of Japan. Already, it looks like a great addition to Jarret's bad movie collection. Give it a moment to buffer and click on the full screen so that you can see the whole video.

The second movie is one that I thought was neat, even if it's not particularly funny or crazy.

The Tale of How from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

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  1. Just remember that Japan is one of the richest nations in the world and their cars dominate ours internationally. Why? Because their women have swords coming out their rears. Japanese men want to spend as much time at the office as possible....


    P.S. I think we should make a trailer for Werewolf Kimber: The Movie.

  2. My dad recently acquired the two movies mentioned at the beginning of RoboGeisha: Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police. I haven't seen Machine Girl yet but it looks good from the case. But I've seen Tokyo Gore Police, and we say "inappropriate for ANY audience." Seriously, it's not good to watch. All you need to know is that if you have high blood pressure and your legs are cut off, you fly around like a rocket. And apparently you can get high by drawing a needle on your arm over that big vein or artery.
    I liked the voice of the guy saying the weapons used by Geishas. I think Devin or Nolan could imitate it pretty well for WereKimba.

  3. Nolan watched Machine Girl. I looked over at one part and all I remember is drill-boobs. It looked crazy.