Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mystery pictures

This is Devin. Since there has been an absence of posting as of lately, I decided to put up something. But also since I am feeling unclever I am going to have a contest. I will put up some pictures and I want you(the reader) to write your best captions in the comment section. I will then pick a winner and you will get a surprise prize. I promise it will be good.

Rules are as follows: Captions must be funny or clever(Bonus points for funny and clever)
Use the title of the picture then do the caption. Example: Picture 4: I like candy.
No being a butt and not participating.
Ok here are the pictures.

Picture #1.

Picture #2.

Picture #3


  1. PICTURE 2: ozzy has a change of heart

    picture 3: and so god caused fire to fall from heaven

    picture 1: nolan and grant prepare to kidnap a little girl by offering her candy, plus what the heck is with that fat ass in the background

  2. Picture 1: I shudder at the disposition of appendages in this photo and wish I weren't tagged in it on facebook.
    Picture 2: Discovery Channel special "where toothpaste comes from."
    Picture 3: Please look in the direction of the finger to see the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


  3. In fact, I'm going to go untag myself from that photo right now!

  4. have fun with that Grant

  5. Jarret and Kimber, you disappoint me. I was really looking forward to the creativeness that you two could bring forth. Both of you lose the competion bigtime.
    Nolan and Grant you are tied winners. I will both get you crap but I need your address Nolan. So that I can send it to you.

  6. I don't even know my address I'll have to find it out

  7. Ok I will wait patiently. And in that time I'll actually figure out what I'm going to get you.