Saturday, November 21, 2009

home for the holidays

YAY!! ^-^

Anyway I'm leaving on the 17th... I'm really happy because I was able to get a great deal on round trip tickets without spending an arm and a leg. :w00t:

what's really great is that I'm arriving in Utah really early around 12:00. Yep the airport is being kind to me ^-^. They're making a strait beeline run from providence Road island, stopping once in Chicago. And then strait to salt lake. God loves me, and I love God.

Anyway I mainly wanna see some comments from my bro... Because when I get in Utah I have some serious questions about my property; which may, or may not be broken and destroyed by a bunch of disrespecting family members. >.>

Grandpa hinted that my buick may or may not be sitting ducks in the driveway with all the other broken down cars. And because of this my poor mother had to walk home 3 miles in the snow...uphill...both ways...>.>. Why didn't you tell me that my car got fucked?

Also how's my baby doing? you know my MAC? Because I really miss her... I bet she misses me too.


  1. whaaaat! Noley coming home! This is great. And listen to Grampa as a reliable news source. Your car is fine. It was just a headlight that we fixed already. And your mac is fine too. No problems there. Anyways this is awesome! How long are you going to be here?

  2. NOLAN! Once I figured out it was you writing I cried tears of joy. We need to hold a nerd night extravaganza when you get here.


  3. we all miss Nolan :):):)

  4. I want Nolan! I WANT NOLAAAAN!