Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sorry contest is over. Nobody wins ha

I had a really difficult time picking between all the entries. I chose to stick with my name. So deal with it.
I want to have a little contest. But only after you look at this.

Yes. I am related. Please don't judge me.

Back to the contest. For a while now I have been disapointed with my blog title. I think it's a little dumb. So whoever can come up with a blog title thats really awesome(and fitting) will get a prize. The contest will end at 12:00 AM March 23, 2008. If noone enters then the title may remain the same. Sad? Then submit a title. Ready? Kay, go.

Questions answered.

What is tikey?

Tired. In baby talk. It's how we speak down here in Utah.

What the hell are you doing leaving your keys in your car? Thats just asking for it to be stolen!
It was at work in a hidden-like parking lot. If my coworkers wouldn't steal it then who would? I don't know.

Whats your favorite type of food?

Mexican. Hands down.

Why are you writing a blog?

To beat boredom. Sorry if my blog has the opposite effect on you.

I'm tired?

Yes, I am. See ya.

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