Thursday, March 13, 2008

A moment of silence please...

On March 1st 2008 at about 4:00, this poor, sweet German Shepard passed away. It was a (relatively) quick death.

This post is dedicated to him.

His name was Thunder.
Sadly, he chose to wile away his eight short years of precious life. While the family would leave during the day to pay the bills, he would sleep off his frequent hangovers and dream dreams that only true delinquints can dream.

His only other activities, besides napping and drinking, involved such risky acts as chasing squirrels, begging for handouts, barking at horses and other doggies, and pitifully asking for a good back rub. We bow our heads in shame; although this pup was well-mannered, he did not live a rich life.

He was survived by, Joslyn(mommy), Stephen(daddy), Nolan(old bro), Devin(me), Jenaye(sis), Larissa(little sis), Kenton(little bro), and Brysen(littler bro).

The murderess of this fine animal expressed sorrow. She confessed that she was a dog lover(but only of the dogs that she owned) and that she wanted to make it up to us(she did it on purpose she's lying). Apparently her car hit him(but not hard enough) and poor, sad, hurt Thunder wobbled down the road a few yards before the evil teenager jumped out of her vehicle and bludgeoned him to DEATH. No charges were pressed.

We dug a deep grave for this deserving animal. He was the dog of all dogs.

We shall all mourn his passing. I am crying right now as I write this post. That's how much this dog meant to us(me especially I miss him the most ha).

Oh, and the rat died too. We threw him in the garbage can.

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