Friday, November 28, 2008

My name is Kurtis

Hello, my name is Kurtis and I like to tell people that I am mentally capable of playing Halo. I'm really good at Halo. One day I will marry the people that make Halo. When I'm not thinking about Halo I do other fun stuff. Some fun things I like to do is eating all my food/soda, not showering, thinking about Halo(I know I already said this but I love it soooo much!), and pretending to take a half hour nap in my bedroom with lube.

This is a picture of my good buddy Devin. When he's not watching I sneak onto his laptop and close his web browser.

I'm also bi and Nolan's secret boyfriend. Damn I'm ugly.

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  1. (Psst, Nolan, I know you're not that great, but you can do better than this guy)