Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Amber has a blog

This is Devin.

And this is Amber. From the side.

She was the girl that was fated to be Nolan' lover and wife. Take a look at some past posts here and remind yourself why Nolans not dating/using her anymore. They had a good fling but it was fated to die eventually(try three weeks). Unfortunately, the ones who lost the most out of Nolan's and Amber's relationship was neither Nolan or Amber. It was the Nerd Night posse. Many a gossip was left ungossipped just because selfish Nolan was unsatisfied with his romance life. Just think of the activities that never happened: doorknob ditching Amber's house, writing more numerous breakup notes, making Amber sock puppets, and even charade's night where everyone does their best impression of Amber from the back; the list of potential fun is almost as long as Amber's phone directory. Way to go Nolan, did you ever know that your suffering inspired joy into your companions?

Anyways recently I discovered that Amber has a blog. It is called delicious baked goods and features life anecdotes of Amber herself. Don't tell her I know this. I don't want her reading this blog.
Who knows though, if you all go to her blog and read some crap then sooner or later she may re-enter our life(in spirit only hopefully) and then we can all plan Amber themed activities to do with our friends. To help Amber resurrect herself into our life I will provide to you Nolan's email address. Go to delicious baked goods and anonymously write fifty times in the comments section. I will thank you in advance.


  1. Amber's blog, the December 6, 2008 post

  2. I have seen godzilla and Ernest scared stupid movies and I have to agree with Ferret that Amber's blog, the December 6, 2008 post is the most terrifying thing ever.