Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy hour at Time to Wipe the Crack

Devin here.

It has come to my attention that depression has been at an all time high here at time to wipe the crack. The cause of this epidemic may be for several reasons, such as Nolan leaving, Grant leaving(months back, but still), summer school for Kimber, and brat children reminding Devin of why he moved out in the first place.
So in an attempt to stem the tide of cry baby faces, I have for you two videos that at the very least will provide destraction for a couple minutes. Even if it doesn't solve anyone's problems.

The first video is about office romance with music and post-its.
Also because our blog layout is too thin and nobody knows how to fix it, I recommend clicking on the video so that you can see it at youtube in its whole widened glory.

The second video is about a pelican eating a smaller bird.


  1. Commentary

    Video 1: The girl must have gone into the men's bathroom to put the sticky notes on the stall door.

    Video 2: A farmer once saw a sheep eat a mouse.

  2. Grant thats some good commentary. But the girl could've hired someone else to go put the stickies up or hid in the supply closet until quitting time and then it would've been less embarrassing(or even got to work extra early).

    Also that is cool that a farmer saw a sheep eat a mouse. I saw my dog eat mice and voles before but that's less strange.

  3. Actually, I believe that the viewer is meant to assume that men and women share the same restroom. This is yet another example of how modern media is trying to blur the lines between genders and cause confusing pain to youth. It is a testament to my good ol' boy old-fashioned proper morals that I assumed the office has separate restrooms for different genders. Oh woe is us! Society is so decadent!

    Or maybe I made up that I believe that the viewer is meant to assume that and I'm just reacting against the super-de-duper sucky PSYC of Gender class I took last semester.

  4. This is the explanation I heard about that death-sheep. Plant matter is much harder to process than animal matter. Herbivores simply have an enhanced digestive system that allows them to get nutrients from plants, but it doesn't preclude the consumption of tasty li'l micey-wiceys. Animals are like a treat because they're easier to digest. It just depends on whether instinct is going to tell the herbivore to eat it or not.