Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why My Sister is a Bad Aunt

Kimber explains.

Being a busy college student with a lot of stress, I decided to leave my dog with my sister for the weekend so I could get some work done. I didn't get any work done, and now I have a very ill-behaved dog because my sister was neglectful and ditzy. Despite the fact that Spartacus has already chewed up the sprinkler system drip lines once, and my sister helped our dad replace them, she still thought it was a good idea to let him out into the yard unattended.

Spartacus took that opportunity to re-destroy all the drip lines, rip apart all the welcome mats he could reach, and individually deposit dozens of those little white landscaping rocks all over the yard. The best part is that I promised my dad I wouldn't let Spartacus out of the house without supervision, and have been very careful with him for the last two weeks whenever we came home. Now I'll get blamed for how naughty my dog was, rather than how stupid my sister was.

My sister also decided that it wasn't very important to let the dog outside when she was home, so I got a lecture on how gross Spartacus was for pooping on the linoleum, when she hadn't let him out for a whole day. Apparently it didn't occur to her that the dog might need to relieve himself at some point.

Further more, Spartacus was allowed to jump up on people, run wild, and ignore commands, so the few things in his training that he was doing well with are now all screwed up. I've spent most of the waking hours today yelling at Spartacus for things that my sister wouldn't do anything about.

However, once mean mommy (me) showed up, Spartacus towed the line like a good little puppy. Apparently his training is fine. It's my sister's I'll have to work on.

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  1. Dogs know who they can be bad with and who they have to be good for. Especially stupid dogs. I'm sorry though. Hope you don't get blamed too bad.