Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why I Like My Great Grandma

Kimber explains.

As you all probably know, my family is filled with screwed-up characters. While most of them get crazier as they age, a few get better. One of these is my Great Grandma Constable. She used to be mean, judgmental, and unforgiving, but now that she's old and forgetful, she's happy with everything. I come once a week to count out her pills and organize them for her in a pill case, and she's always happy to see me, grateful for my help, and completely understanding of any mistakes I make. I wish more people could age like her.

Here is a picture, but not of her. It's of my Great-great Grandma Teofila.


  1. I''m glad that there is someone in your family that you like. There is hope for you yet young one.
    -obi wan

  2. Has she aged gracefully (or just graciously) because Kimber applies some creative organizing to those weekly pills?