Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crusty Boogers and The A-Team

Kimber goes over the highlights of her day.

My dog Grendel, while I love him, is a sick little puppy. Not that he's into weird sex acts or anything (actually he is, but that's material for another post), he just is fighting off some sort of doggie cold. This would be fine, except dogs are unable to pick their own noses, so I have to do it for him.

This brings to mind a movie I saw today; The A-Team. Like picking a dog's nose, The A-Team was better than I expected it would be, but still sticky and confusing. It was surprisingly enjoyable, but got bogged down at the end by unnecessary complications. I could be talking about the movie or the dog's nose now, I'll let you decide. I was a little disappointed that Mr. T didn't have a cameo (I'm referring to the movie now), and I felt like the writers were trying to make the movie deeper than it needed to be by making a series of plot twists that didn't need to be made.

I was going to review the movie more than that, but I'm tired, and that was the best I could think of to describe how I felt about it. Besides, Grendel is starting to get clogged up again, so I have to go.

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