Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why My Dogs Are Awesome

Kimber explains some things about her two pet schnauzers.

1. They can always make me laugh. Especially when I've used my bathrobe (otherwise known as Kimber's plaid kimono) to turn two dogs into one push-me-pull-me.

2. Spartacus (the little grey one) can sense when I'm uncomfortable in a situation, and responds by pooping on the offending person, or their belongings.

3. Grendel (the black one) sleeps more than I do. That's a lot.

4. They both love me no matter what I do.

5. Spartacus routinely runs into things, then looks at me like nothing happened.

6. Grendel knows when I'm not fond of a visitor, and responds by resolutely ignoring them, no matter how much they try to get his attention.

7. Spartacus rolls onto his back to show his submissiveness, even when I'm just trying to play with him.

8. Grendel doesn't chase children.

9. Spartacus does.

10. No matter how rotten either of them are, I still want them around, because even their rotten stuff is kind of funny, like the time Spartacus stole one of my bras, ripped it up, then ran around the yard with the neighbors laughing while he wore it like a cape.

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  1. This is totally funny. Kimber I approve of your takeover of the blog. Now I just wish that more people would comment.