Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nolan is insane

This is Devin. Lately I thought that I should get creative with the way I introduce myself on my posts like the way Kimber or Nolan does it. But then I realized that like school, it's not worth the effort. So from now on you will probably just get "This is Devin" on all my posts. So put up with it even if you most likely don't care.
Recently Kimber, Nolan, Jerret, Jacob, Grant, and I attempted to film a Doctor Who movie starring Nolan. It didn't work out due to a non-existent script and a giggly crew. But nonetheless we still got some funny(and compromising) footage from the event.
Here is an outtake of a nasty orgy on an undisclosed bed somewhere. Watch the video and notice how Kimber clearly jumps into the fray only after she had made a successful escape. Don't ask her why she did it though since she will deny that she was on a substance at that time. Also at the end of the video you get to see Nolan's re-write of the Doctor Who theme song.

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