Sunday, May 10, 2009

Puppeteer professionals

Nolan here with an important message: yesterday me and me buddies made a puppet show video.

It was extremely difficult and I screamed at my friends multiple times to shape up and shut up. Doing so just riled them up even more and in the end Devin, Ferret and Kimber Striped me naked and felt my body inappropriately. I am now emotionally and physically scarred. So in two to three days I'm running away to the Navy Boot camp.

here's the movie, Hope you enjoy it

hope you liked it


  1. yay.

    p.s. now put up all the 'deleted scenes'

  2. If you post bonus material for free, then no one will buy the DVD!

  3. Nice job, Nolan. You're very talented to have gotten a coherent story out of all the mistakes we made.