Sunday, May 3, 2009

Show and Tell Time

Ok this is Devin.

I decided that show and tell was one of the most awesome parts of elementary school and that they need to do it for all the K-12 grades and then do it for college too. It would just make things less stressful and more happy. But I also think we should do it for this blog. And so I proudly present your new dose of WTF show and tell.

I hope you liked it because I found it on some weird obscure blog about crazy japanese stuff. Apparently this guy moved to Japan and just finds crazy news and random stuff about Japan, stuff like this. And I know that I'm not helping the stereotype that Devin just posts pictures and videos but Kimber doesn't do it, so somebody has to. No offense to Kimber since she makes up for no pics with excellent writing skillz. Also what the heck is with Nolan? His writing ratio is like Kimber:6 Devin:4 and Nolan:1(maybe). I would like to see more Nolan posts. And I'm writing this at 3:00 am and am tired. Good bye.


  1. This commercial is awesome. I vote yes for more show and tell.


  2. I know right?! I think that enough weird and obscure crap exist out there that this could be done several times a week or whatever. But I could use help finding stuff.

  3. fun dur awesome