Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show and Tell with Devin: Jap Barcodes

Well if you couldn't tell from the title, this is Devin with your Show and Tell!
Today's item once again comes from The Land of the Rising Sun and it's: dududududud(drum roll) Creative Japanese Barcodes!

These barcodes are completely legit and appear on grocery packaging all over the place in Japan. Some firm known as D-Barcode(fancy that) is responsible for this travesty to boring grocery shopping.

I want these in America

Also, Nolan won't be writing for the next two months or so. He has left us to join the Navy and is now under strenuous training in Boot Camp. Most of you already know this. But in case you didn't, consider yourself informed.


  1. When will Nolan be in Utah between boot camp and his next bout in the Navy?


  2. I don't really know when the exact date is that Nolan will be out of boot camp. Think about five weeks from now and around then will be about right. Nolan will be contacting us before he gets out though so I could tell you then.

  3. The comic you originally asked me about, Devin, is called Wondermark. Enjoy!


  4. Thank you Grant. I realized that I got my description wrong initially, but I still think that I came out on top since now I know two excellent cartoon sites cha!

    Oh and I was wondering if you were actually going to do a blog. Because you have one listed as Yodeller Green but theres nothing on it. I guess you just did it for your blogger account.

  5. I have much to say sometimes, but only some to say much of the time. Hence, I did not think it wise to do a blog since I don't have a specific topic I know I would keep up with and specialize in.


    And nowadays I'm even too lazy to log in to my account to post things.