Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Freaking Hot Here

Kimber sweats out her last day in California.

Hello All, and goodbye smoggy, crowded, stinky California. Don't get me wrong, the state has its good points, it's just that very few of them can be found in Stockton. For my last day here I continued to work on my Grandpa's computer until it was time to meet my Great Uncle Bill for lunch. We went to the Macaroni Grill and had fun catching up on gossip. He still works, so I had to leave after an hour and a half, but it was still enjoyable.

After getting back from a late lunch, I made an early dinner for my grandparents. Since it was gumbo they delayed eating it for as long as possible. Once we finally sat down and ate, they were surprised at how good it was. People, I tell you, I can cook like nobody's business if left to myself.

After dinner Grandpa, Spartacus, and I went on a stressful walk. It would have been nice, but a little terrier chased us halfway around the block. I would have been proactive, but his Korean owner was chasing after him hissing. I couldn't tell if the hissing was directed at the dog or us, but I decided to avoid confrontation.

Now I'm trapped back in my Grandpa's oven of a room, trying to get google video chat to work. I think I might just give up and tell him that google went under in the recession. After all, it is my last night here, and I do still have some ice cream to finish.


  1. Sounds like you had an eventful week. Glad to see you coming back. Shamefully, I also find myself missing general chunky.

  2. Jacob. Is that really you?

  3. Yes, That is really me. I come and comment here sometimes.

  4. Then who's general chunky?

  5. According to Wikipedia, 'General Chunky' was a gay pornstar--known for his BDSM films--who died three months ago of AIDS.

    Vote 'no' on 8, people.