Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's destiny I tell you.

Devin here, further stereotyping the cliche that all I do is post videos and links to some other person's intelligent crap. And yes I'm posting because I'm jealous that Kimber posted a whole bunch of stuff and therefore is stealing all the spotlight.
But really we so glad Kimba is back. And her little dog too. Now onward with important matters.

I don't even want to introduce the first selection. Just rejoice that someone put this together on the internet.
Men who look like old lesbians

The second item is a weird little video that I didn't know what to think about. So I'm posting it here hoping that someone who likes monsters and little asian kids will analyze it for me.

I may or may not have messed with the html embed video code so that it would kindof fit. Atleast the full screen button shows now.


  1. Aw fudgeknuckles. I missed five posts in a row. Glad Kimber had a good time in CA. And that video is great.
    I have an idea which may or may not be too much work. I know that I claimed I would be unable to participate long-distance because I would be at FHE, but I'm back from FHE at about 9:30, and Nerd Night ends at midnight sometimes. SOOOOOOO if we have laptop video chat I can saturate y'all with my presence. On Monday nights. FOREVER AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT UNLESS YOU DON'T BOTHER TO HOOK UP THE VIDEO BWA HA HA HA.


  2. I am glad you are using your time so wisely, Devin.