Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am injured

This is Devin.  I said once in a previous post title that I like to longboard.  It's true.  It's great fun. Except it stops being fun when you crash and get booboos.  Then it gets ouchey-wawa. 
The image below is actually not from longboarding.  It's from a kitchen knife.  I had eight stitches.  The funny thing is that it hurt less than the road rash does.

It hurt pretty bad.  All those nerve endings are sensitive.  

I'm so hardcore.

At least I wore a helmet.  But if you ever decide to longboard, knee and elbow pads and gloves come recommended.
I got my sexy face too.  I'm wondering if I'll ever have to shave there ever again.

Sorry for the bad resolution on some of the pictures.  I was trying to use our camera and couldn't figure out how to do the focus.  
Maybe someday I'll post a picture of my longboard.  Or maybe a vid of me longboarding. That would be cool.  We'll see I guess.

P.S. Kimber's computer super friends will never surpass Nolan and mine's computing power.  She's too poor for that.

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