Thursday, June 12, 2008

sexy ghosts spotted

Hi this is Nolan. Devi's Brother. I was told to write a blog every once in a while even though i cannot write.  This is a big handicap of mine. I do not expect sympathy though. I brought this weakness on myself for goofing around in school all my life, instead of paying attention.

A strange occurance has come to the Renshaw house, it's a phenomenon that only happens once a thousand years. And no it's not the fact that a sexy ghost appeared in my room like the tital states... it's the fact that we actually made friends that do crap with us.  The Renshaw blood line is known for not making friends, it is a tradition that has run through our history for thousands of years. my ancestors got their wives by hitting them over the heads, dragging them into the bushes and showing off their amazing sensual bliss skills. which was so amazingly heavenly that the woman bitch could not resist the young Renshaws charm.  But we broke tradition and now we go in round abouts with our dork friends that we steal money from.   

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