Friday, June 20, 2008

mosquitos ar'nt the only thing that make you itch

Hey this is Nolan, also known as Noley.  Today i would like to talk about a sensitive subject that most human beings struggle with continually:  Itchy rashes. 
Lately the heat and long boarding has given me this really obnoxious twinge that will not go away until the tips of my fingers roughly scrape and drag to get rid of the tickle. or better yet: Painful tickle.  This has created a serious problem for me in public. In other words: It is not dashing or charming to see a 22 year old man stick his fingers somewhere random on his body and move them in a quick forward and back motion, while his face, (or hers talking from Kimber's perspective) perks up with the purest of ecstasy. 
Yesterday was also somewhat problematic considering I was with my friends and that annoying "twinge"  popped up out of no where to torment my life. So obviously being a male and not thinking I scratched my butt. It dawned on me a little to late that itching a rash is like crossing the street: you look left, then right, make sure no ones waiting behind you, and if it's all clear you go for it. The issue is I went for it first, and then looked left to see someone looking right at me but pretending not to notice my embarressing position. 
actually im just kidding, i don't have a rash on my butt... Honest.

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