Saturday, June 14, 2008

New computer now so stick it Kimber

So before Kimber mentioned that even though her computers sucked hard they were still better than what the two brothers(me and Nolan) had to use.  Well she's a liar.  LIAR!!  
Well, liar since we got a new Mac about a week ago. 
Very Sexy.

Nolan forked out 1990.37 for this piece of heaven.  
Below is our old computer that our family uses.  It really does suck balls.
This is Nolan playing Guitar Hero.
It's a fun game.


  1. Your old computer looks so sad and dejected after all the pictures of your new Mac.

  2. because it is sad and dejected.

  3. Wow! Thats a cool looking new computer. I'm glad you got something good. Will you and Kimber be making movies on the new computer? Where will you post the movies?

  4. We mostly post videos on youtube. but sometimes we put them here. We will make videos on the new computer cause that's why we bought it. Are you going to start a blog now?