Sunday, June 29, 2008

Monstrous Momentary Pleasure

This is Kimber i have no boyfriend, and i'm single.  i'm willing to go out with any boy that has money and balls i can kick. 

Actually this is Nolan, the above statement i made is actually very true. So if there are any lonely desperate guys out there I just wanna let you know that Kimber puts out good.  If you wanna date her then just send me $50.00 via check or cash to get her phone number and address.  She's waiting for you guys, hint hint wink wink.

Okay i'm done with my sales pitch. I think when kimber reads this i'll probably regret it in the future. Little does she know i actually live for the present, and $50.00 is an easy pleasure i can live with now.  

On a side note I saw this hot chick/lifeguard last week at seven peaks water park, I couldn't help but notice how sad she looked around at all the people swimming in the lazy river while she was walking around in the hot sun making sure no one would be stupid and drown.  (it crossed my mind to fake drown, but that idea was just too silly). To cheer her up I cat called her and offered to take her on a date. It brought a smile to her face and that momentary pleasure alone was enough to make my day.... until she called security and i was arrested for being a little bold. (they said it was harassment, but i would have really taken her on a date if she said yes, i was being completely serious).

heres a video with some kid making out with a monster, that's Kimber who pokes her head in rudely and says: "that's hot"  


  1. Hi. That is my sister you are talking about. She does have some standards. However, I also say wink wink.

    Another note--I am at work and so I can't watch the video, but even that shot looks creepy. You guys are weird.

  2. The videos not creepy. It's actually pretty funny. You should watch it when you get home.