Saturday, April 25, 2009

Future Nolan

Hey you guys, this is Devin.
I would just like to share with you a quick clip I found on the interweb(don't worry this time I didn't steal it from failblog). This movie creeped me out SO MUCH that I decided that I must be staring through a hole in the space/time continuum and I was viewing Nolan in the future. Although I am a little hurt that there is no mention of me, or the nerd night posse. C'mon Nolan! have you forgotten us so easily?
If you want to visit Future Nolan's youtube page go here.

This man is so oblivious to the fact that his dogs will eat him in his sleep one day. I feel sorry for him. He is just so crazy.


  1. if you guys don't stop being ass holes I'm gonna stop coming to nerd night.

  2. Nolan, don't get so butthurt. We all know this isn't really future Nolan.
    The reality is that you are this man's clone. They kept it secret all these years.

  3. this video was disgusting, I could barely watch it. Plus the only time I've seen anyone use a toilet bowl cleaner in our group, was when Kimber used it to wash out Ferret's and Robot's potty mouth. So take this down and stop being such losers.

  4. Ok Nolan. Look I had no idea you would be so offended by this. I did it to be humorous and maybe I pushed one button too many past your pissed off line. If you want to take this post down then go ahead. But first go here and download this. It might cheer you up.

  5. Oh well I might leave it... However I think it's important that we equally dis everyone in moderation. Ferret and Robot are well past due. Plus I gotta get them back for dissing me last nerd night. I'll get you back for this one later

  6. whatthehellwhatthehellwhatthehell....

    Might I just say I hate you all for making me watch that dog suck that man's nipples.

    Nolan, you've "dissed" others plenty. Why do you think its all one sided?

    You just need to work on your technique. For example, you said, "Plus the only time I've seen anyone use a toilet bowl cleaner in our group, was when Kimber used it to wash out Ferret's and Robot's potty mouth."

    What you SHOULD have said is "At least 20 years from now I'll just be using it to scratch my back, instead of getting jollies by shoving it up my ass, like Ferret or Robot will be."

  7. This guy is AMAZING! He knows and lip syncs Spike Jones (who also did "Vhen der Feuhrer sez") and he has a dog that looks almost just like Naomi, bumps and all.
    But it's really lame that the dog does that to him. And that he lets her.
    If I were an old creepy bachelor I would totally be like this creepy old single guy.

  8. Grant that last comment makes me worry a little bit. Just make sure you get married or something.
    Although I do admire that your energy level that you would have as an old man