Friday, April 17, 2009

Things That Annoy Kimber (the first in a series)

Kimber rants (obviously).

I'm extremely annoyed by big-haired, bleachy blonde, valley girls with orange skin and long nails who claim to be modern women in the sense that they don't care about their appearance or dating and are focused on their education and career, yet invest hours at the hair salon, are constantly touching up their make-up, and flirt outrageously. I'm also annoyed when women who claim to want equal rights insist that the boy always pay on dates, and whine when the dates are lavish affairs. What really annoys me though, is when girls like that look down on girls like me because of my appearance, and label me as a freak simply because they can't keep up with the references I make.

You might have already guessed, but I had a bad experience on campus today. Oh yeah, and finals suck.

P.S. For something happy (and we could all do with seeing something happy), go here:


  1. I saw that woman. She definitely deserves to win. For something that made me laugh last night go here.

  2. Oh and I like how there is now a whole series of posts on "things that annoy___(insert name)" . Its funny
    -Devin still commenting by himself

  3. That is happy. I've seen the video three times now and still think it's awesome--especially because those stupid girls in the audience they used for reaction shots are (metaphorically) slapped in the face.

  4. 2,631,847 views on that video...
    And it's been up less than a week; everybody asked their neighbor, "HOLY %#$&! Did you see Britain's got talent last night? I mean HOLY %#$&! Go check it out on Youtube!"
    I will forever scorn the British if she doesn't win whatever contest this is!

  5. Also, orange skin is gross. It's all citric and stuff, and sticks to fingernails.

  6. Since seeing Transformers, I've referred to them as "Oompa-Loompas with tits".

    OWT for short.

  7. is Caralee one of these women Kimber?