Monday, April 13, 2009

Some things that annoy Devin

Police: They're assholes who will arrest you for a broken headlight that you fixed months ago. Other wise they hide and ticket you for going 35 in a 25 mph zone at midnight when your all alone on the road.

Little Kids: They can be cute until they remind you how far they can barf or how big they can poo(and guess who gets to clean it up?)

Horses: They're stupid as hell, they'll destroy your pasture, and they have the power to kill or injure you. I'm not sure why girls like them.

Kenton: My first younger brother who reminds me of the brat in Troll 2. Nuf said

Jared(not Jarret): My little brother's friend who invites himself over every day, destroys our house, and is just plain mean and stupid to people younger than he (like Brysen, my youngest sibling).

Jared's parents: What the hell people? We don't watch your little ugly kid all day! Have you ever considered that Kenton could play at your house instead of vise versa? You could call sooner than ten 'o' clock pm for your brat to come home!! You know what? F@!& you!

People that constantly point out the obvious and mundane: This can be humorous when used in conjunction with a friendly conversation but most of the time it is irksome and just serves to piss me off. It's especially bad when people do this and believe that they are insightful.

Right now I can't think of anything else that annoys me. What annoys you?


  1. Here we go....

    People who clear their throats loudly, for no reason.
    People who wear cloths inappropriate for their size (in any body area)
    Larry the Cable Guy
    Larry the Cable Guy fans.
    Hyper-judgmental people.
    People unfamiliar with deodorant, showers, or a toothbrush.
    People who think they can get whatever they want by yelling.
    People who drive 10 miles under the speed limit on a one lane road.
    Family Guy's social commentary.
    Public farts. They're not as funny as the farter things.
    Guys in pink shirts.
    People who eat loudly, or with their mouths open.
    Michael Bay.
    People who see some grand spiritual intervention in EVERY LITTLE THING.
    Douchebags, who life feels don't need to be humbled, who can apparently say, do, and break any rule they want without facing any consequences.
    Stupid girls. Seriously, there is no rule that says stupid girls are more attractive.
    90% of BYU students.
    Rich Mormons.
    Fake people.
    White guys who dress like and/or imitate a minority.
    Society in general.
    Reality TV
    Being ignored. name a few.

  2. ditto with Ferret except for one more

    Cute things that have no purpose but to be cute