Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blizzard=gay, cold, and awesome

Here in Utah there is a huge bumper crop of snow. Which also means that I don't have to dream of a white Christmas since it's a reality. Take that warm, rarely snowy states like Texas! You get the reality of a dry Christmas. Eat that Grant (in actuality I would love to be you right now).
Also Nolan finished one of his previous posts and you can read it here in case you missed it before.
Also recently I had some sushi and it was awesome. I now crave it constantly. This morning I told my youngest brother that there was a really awesome present on the front porch. Foolishly he opened the door and then I promptly tried to shove him outside(all he was wearing was a shirt and whity tightys). For some reason he was displeased from my display of brotherly love and ran under his sleeping bag and cried. He is better now.Um, Merry Christmas.

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