Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hare's a picture.

Get it? Hare's a picture? Yeah it's gay. Shutup bitch.
So this is the younger daywalker Devin. If you don't understand what daywalker means then watch some South Park. According to this show I have no soul and my parents are afraid of me. Also here's something they won't tell you: when I drink V8 I get the cramps and poop out these horrible little monsters.

So today I decided to try and draw a picture of one of them. So I drank some spicy V8 and quickly clubbed it when it's hideous face popped out the chute. Since an unconscious model is the best model(don't ask how I know this) I was able to squeeze two pictures through before browney(I named it) woke up and crawled into the toilet drain. On retrospect it's probably a good thing that I don't really like V8(I just drink it for the unusual shat pleasure) especially since there's no telling what these little buggers could do to our plumbing. Unfortunately, Nolan loves V8 and craves it constantly. I also believe his chocolate dragons to be composed of a different animal than mine since something new and strange leaves hair in the shower drain while simultaneously eating all my food. But if you discount the evidence that I also eat my food and take showers, there is a vague possibility of it being Nolan himself. Shocking and disturbing. I know. Will anything ever be done to curb this menace? The most likely answer is,"No". The world is indeed a screwed up place.
Entity from my ass


  1. Yeah you two! What is WITH the hair in the shower drain? And why do you pick up the drain and all the hair in it and leave on the floor of the shower? I can't believe I actually touched it to move it to where I wouldn't step on the nasty thing.

  2. Grant, I pity you. Also, Devin, this was one of the most disgusting posts we've ever put up, including the one where Nolan made a porno for himself, and the one where Nolan defended his decision to make a porno for himself.

  3. I am ever more disturbed by this blog.