Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm in Logan

This is Devin and I'm actually not in Logan. I am in a little town called Providence that is nearby Logan. I am visiting my cousins and borrowing their wireless internet. They are good, fun people. They have a dog and his name is Max. This is Max. He is a muttdog.
My cousins also have a little child named Miles. He is five years old and very into trains and toys. This is Miles. He is actually very well behaved.

Recently I decided to check in the blog archive and see if there are any posts that were never published. What I found was terrifying. There were three posts that were unfinished and written by Nolan. There is a first draft of Nolan bodyguarding James Bond, a short post on South Park, and an unfinished post on Nolan criticizing himself. I have decided to post these drafts. Look swiftly because it's super likely that Nolan may take these down. The draft posts are below this one so scroll down. Oh, and the latest post is too short to have it's own posthood so I just copied and pasted it below. Have fun.


this is Nolan

I recently watched south park and I think it is super funny. Cartm

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