Saturday, December 13, 2008

salmon patties taste awesome

Nolan here with an important announcement

Due to a constant cursing of immanent rapeage from ferret. I have decided to stop running from my fate and join the army. the event will happen in the near future after society sticks their penis up my butt with no remorse.

Hopefully after a few months I'll get to meet James Bond and work by his side as a personal body guard. Some may ask "what does personal body guard do for bond? The answer is simple: make sure all women that offer to sleep with him contain no deadly weapons hidden in their cleavage. I will also have to observe Bond during his orgy and make sure his "partner" does not shift to a hazardous position like the pile driver, or whatever. If his partner persists to do such a thing I will be forced to shoot her in the head, afterwards I will take responsibility for my actions and "relieve" Bond with my bare hands.

okay this is not funny anymore. it never was funny I am not laughing at all

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  1. I think I find this funnier than the first posted James Bond story. It has a happy ending.