Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moving On

Kimber writes a blog simply so that last disgusting blog about tomato juice poo isn't the first thing that comes up when people see this blog.

I think Christmas cards are silly. It's a ridiculous tradition that I haven't bothered to figure out how it started, but still. Why write a letter about everything your family has done over the year and put it in a card that you make everyone in the family sign? It doesn't make sense; if you really liked the people you were sending these cards to, wouldn't you have talked to them at some point in the last year and let them know how everyone was doing? And if you don't like them enough to talk to them at least once a year, why waste the forty-two cents to send them a letter which tells them the stuff which you couldn't be bothered to talk to them about?

Christmas parties, on the other hand, rock. They are also pointless, but at least serve the very useful purpose of lending an excuse to a lack of productivity. Plus they have a lot of food which usually isn't made but once a year. At least that's how it is in my family (my mom is a very lazy baker).

I wish I had a picture to put at the end of this blog, but I don't. Also, I don't really have any conclusion planned, I was just frustrated about Christmas cards, but happy about Christmas parties.

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  1. Christmas cards make perfect sense. Christmas is the time of year when guilt makes you treat people you feel anger or indifference towards with fake kindness. And nothing says fake kindness like a $2 glittery piece of paper.

    Also, thanks for writing a post that's not about poo (of any color), boners,MMMs,or sex. It's refreshing.