Tuesday, December 2, 2008

E-bay Sucks

Kimber Rants.

E-bay, which I've been using a lot lately to fulfill Christmas hopes and dreams, sucks. A lot. Actually, it doesn't, but it seems like it does, because not only are you trying to buy something, you're also trying to win it from other people. Thus the sadness of not being able to afford something is compounded by the fact that someone else was directly responsible for your comparative poverty.

This is a really unfair rant, because I'm actually doing quite well on e-bay (the trick is to buy things that no one else wants, or cheap stuff of which there are hundreds of items available), but I just lost the thing I was trying for the most. By fifty cents. Crap.

Here is a picture.

This is not what I was trying to win, by the way.


  1. I don't use ebay. I do all my shopping the hard way and drive around to stores and crap. nice pic btw.

  2. Sorry for duplicate comments, but I just thought of this: we should make Kimber a little sign that says "Kimber Rants", and she can hold it up whenever she goes off about something.

    In concession, I will give myself a sign to hold up before I start swearing. It will say, "Jarret's Pissed".

    If these work out they will be followed with a sign for Nolan, which reads "Caution--I'm tired and hands-y."

  3. I second the motion. What a fine idea.

    This is Kimber. I'm too lazy to log in to anything. It's hard to check e-mail when that happens.

  4. the Nolan sign should say: "I'm tired so I can't defend myself from butt rape from Ferrets"

  5. I want that plant. That way I could plant seeds of rape.
    Wow that's gross.