Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Surrounded by Babies

Kimber notes that she is the only one who hasn't freaked out entirely and changed the blog in some huge way.

Dear Devin,
I did not mean to offend you by saying that your blog was disgusting. I was only giving the truth of my opinion and I apologize that it hurt your feelings. However, you're being a huge baby about it. So one blog about poo grossed me out, you don't have to change the whole title of the blog, comment on my financial status, and post my address online for stalkers to benefit from. Grow up.

Actually, don't. Being super immature is much more fun, even if it means having frequently hurt feelings.


P.S. Jarrett, that link you posted was hilarious.


  1. Just so you know I'm not the only immature one around here. And I wasn't offended. I just thought that it was strange that you were reading(and writing) a blog called Time to wipe the CRACK(yes it's suggestive of buttcrack) and you complained about one small post that was butt related.

  2. Thats me Devin by the way. Sorry for double comments