Sunday, July 20, 2008

I pissed off a patient cause he sucked

Hi it's Nolan again I thought i might write about my horrible nursing experience last friday. I had a monsterously busy scedule last week and some of my patients were not making it easy. one patient in particular was giving me a very hard time. He looks and sounds like the old guy who whistles on the family guy. He's gay too so I wonder if it's the same person physically reanimated into a human being.

He Constantly has a huge list of chores for me to do, and at the same time he insults me by calling me explicit things. The other day was really bad, He complained because i didn't shut a cupboard door the last time i was there, and he said I was senseless.

Now There's a rule for all CNAs that says we're not aloud to verbally, sexually, or physically abuse our patients. But that day I was severely tempted to kill the old fart.(not rape him, kill him). Also: there is no rule that says we have to put up with verbal abuse, so naturally this is what down:

I was about to go but he wanted me to rub lotion on his legs.

I said: "i'm sorry jim but i think i'm to senseless to do that"

He got Mad and called my office crying and saying I was spitting wise cracks at him all week long; and not doing my job, and other stupid lies like that. They didn't believe him anyway, I knew they wouldn't. By the end he signed my paper and I told him I didn't want to be his enemy but he had to stop insulting me, he scoffed at that so I continued to say that there was no way he would get me fired and I wasn't scared of him. He told me he just wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna return to his home. I concluded by saying: "well you'll be doing both of us a favor then." That made him even more mad but I left, I hope he succeeds in keeping me out.

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