Monday, July 14, 2008

working makes your irresponsible friends hate you

this is Nolan

So it's been a while since I posted, I have a darn good excuse too. Truthfully I have a job that demands I wipe man butt. it's very sad, especially since some of my patients are homosexual. Recently my job has demanded more hours out of me. this week is especially terrible in that I have two or three extra patients that i usually don't see, the reason for this is not however: unknown. Some of my evil coworkers decided to go on a week vacation. This is disturbing to me because I had planned to take a compass test to get into UVU. in all truth i can't do that this week because i practically work the entire day from four in the morning, till four in the evening, indulging myself in various tasks like oil changes and "gay stripping." Life is usually good but at the moment it sucks. I wish this trial would end so i could write a bigger blog instead of listening to my irresponsible friends bitch and call me a voyeur.  
by the way Devin and Kimber.... oh what the hell, I have no witty comebacks to your rude accusations, :-<>

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