Friday, July 25, 2008

Sinless City

Hey this is Devin. Nolan and me made a video today. It's so super awesome that we have to share it with you. Here it is. Bask in it's glory.


  1. Nolan has a hairy chest that makes me want to grab him. Do you like hairy chests or blah bald ones? Next time show more of the beast and don't eat that hot chili.

    I bet that little room you are in smells just great if you are having "hot" farts. Is it a weapon to keep Nolan away? or is it a Nolan attractor?

  2. Nolan's hairy manliness does seem to have that effect on people. But I am his brother and I feel no temptation to grab it. Plus I"m not really into man chests.
    Sometimes our little room does smell pretty horrible. I'm not sure why but it's an ongoing investigation(although I do have a prime suspect, Douglas!).
    Keep on commenting! or email!