Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adventure time

I'm not Kimber and I'm not Nolan. Who could I be? I have no idea. You tell me. That almost rhymed.

So every monday night Nolan, Kimber, Jerret, me and this other guy named Jacob get together for a thing we like to call Nerd Night. Last time we held Nerd Night, we went on a walk through downtown Provo in order to campaign our blog through vandalism(Kimber wrote on some crap wooden rail with a sharpie). While Jarret, Nolan and I were having fun walking around, Kimber and Jacob decided to ditch us. So instead of trying to find our way back to Kimber's apartment, we instead went on a little exploring trip. Our discoveries included(but are not limited to) a buttload of stores that close after nine 'o' clock, a hobo(not in video), juice n' java, and some dirty confessions from Nolan and Jarret(yes, on the video). I'm just lucky they didn't rape me. Enjoy the video. It chronicles our many wayward endeavors.

By the way I love the office. This vid is not 'like' the office but lamer, its like the office only this is lame.

At the end of the video it says "Ah to be an Asian love slave" and "cool like 'hand luke'". These are just some of the weird messages written along with our blog campaign(Kimber did all the campaigning).


  1. 1:35
    No context. No explanation. Just toys, lubes, and pedophiles.

    BTW I'm not a freckle-chaser (that's Kimber and Gibson territory), no matter how old you are. I go more for one-legged Brazilian chicks with intestinal problems. So consider yourself safe.

  2. wow. how did you find that? did you have to register yourself?

  3. I figured--with all the toddler-sex and ass-humping--that it would be a good idea to have easy access.

    Also, I'd like to give a shout out the FBI, who I'm sure are now monitoring this blog. Je t'aime pomme de terre!