Friday, October 10, 2008

Puzzle Time

It's Kimber again. I am angry at everthing in general, but at one thing in specific. Here's a fun game you can do to find out what the root of all evil is. First, figure out what the first quote says. Each letter corresponds to one letter in the alphabet. there isn't a pattern for how the letters relate to each other. After you've figured out the first quote, you can then decipher the second one, which holds a great cosmic truth which is the source of much frustration for me. Have fun.

muxe lvs’kx be ctbq, t yvvn akbxen mbqq wx rklbey rv wtbq lvs vsr. T wxgr akbxen mbqq wx be rux ixqq exjr rv lvs gtlbey, ‘Ntpe, rutr mtg ase’.

Itktqxx bg t rskn wktbe.


  1. Wow two posts from the same writer in the same day! I think thats a first for you.

    You forgot to mention on the last post that the oppressive dictator Nolan also enjoys bad things to be mentioned about others. like Jellyfist Tribute.

  2. I cracked it. Eat that Kimber. You had a couple spelling errors in the first section. And the second section is just terrible. It translates only semi-legible. Don't worry, I fixed the problems in the first section but didn't even try with the second thing.

    Oh and it's funny. But I don't know if it was worth all those hours wracking my brain.

  3. Thanks, Devin. I was trying to write it while she was going in and out of the room, trying to see what I was writting, so I had a hard time getting it right. I went back and fixed the second part, so now we'll just have to wait and see if Jarrett can understand it. He is our ulimate barometer for this blog, after all.

  4. Yeah I could guess at what you were trying to say but it threw me off and even messed up my other translation efforts. It's good that you fixed it though.