Friday, October 17, 2008

Field Trip

A post by Kimber. You know, the cool one.

The problem with college is that there are hardly any field trips. Since we all are getting kind of fed up with college, we decided to organize our own field trip to relieve the tension. It worked, kind of. I forgot that I had a big project due the next day, so for me the field trip made my stress worse, but I think everyone else enjoyed it. Just because I've had to do this all week in my creative writing class, I'm going to write about it in a series of haikus.

Wondrous household goods
Sofas and Swedish meatballs
Land of Ikea

Lost in the city
We fight over where to park
And decide it sucks.

Blood on the sidewalk
forms a trail to some
bushes. No dead body, though.

A hobo wants change
We have none to give, he shouts
You F***ing N*ggers

A German deli
Swiss cheese pickle sandwiches
Bittle flips me off

(Bittle is Nolan and Devin's four year old brother. He didn't really know what he was doing)

Nightmare on 13th;
truly a horrifying
place, but way too packed.

Independent film,
pink bathrooms, free water cups,
theatre to ourselves

Skin-walkers and beasts,
a drive through the canyon. Please
check my place for ghosts.


  1. Just so you know it's spelled "Biddle" not "Bittle".

  2. well that was a fun day wasn't it?

    but I was completely burned the following day

  3. That was a cool story, but now you need to write about our awesome movie, and oh, by the way, where is gym of the dead on your youtube videos? I don't see it. Am to uncool to have my movie on your website?

  4. Karina, this is Devin. The movies not finished remember? We still need to put music behind it to awesome. It'll probably be finished monday night and be able to watch on youtube on tuesday. And you are allowed to keep reading our blog.

  5. She's talking about last year's video. I explained that you only put up movies all three of us made, or would have made if one of us hadn't of stormed out.